November 20, 2017
Published on Nov 20, 2017 12:16

Attention Mustang Families!

Although we have a short week ahead of us, it is packed full of exciting events. On Monday, we have 2 Thanksgiving Programs from a few of our Kindergarten classes. Our morning program is at 10:00 while the afternoon edition is at 2:00. This program tends to be a highlight of the year. We also have field trips planned for our first graders. They will be headed to CAC on Monday or Tuesday. Please check with your child's teacher regarding the specific day that his/her class will be attending. Please also remember that Wednesday is an Early Dismissal Day. While generally this applies to students only, on this Wednesday, staff and students will be dismissed early so that everyone may begin to enjoy the long weekend with families. Please support our school by being here at 12:45 pm if your child is a pickup.

As many of you, our Mindset this month is ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE. The weekly focus topic is "be more grateful." This aligns very well with this time of year as Thanksgiving is only a few days away. However, I recently challenged our staff and guests but posting a message on the marquee that says, "gratitude season lasts 12 months." We get that feeling this time of year but I wanted everyone to take a moment to reflect on how great our community could be if that was a sentiment that was a year-long focal point. How can we be more grateful? When can we be more grateful? Who can we tell about our gratitude?

The weekly quote that I shared with staff came from Marcus Aurelius. His words have a positive message about gratitude and our focused thoughts. He tells us, "The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts." I am sure we have all heard similar things in different ways. I often tell people that perception is 100% of your reality. How do you perceive things? What thoughts consume your mind? As we get close to Thanksgiving, we often steer towards gratitude and blessings as a default. I would challenge you to stay focused on these things, and hover there for a longer period of time. I know that this can be a difficult challenge at times. Maybe you have personal challenges or professional hurdles that consume you. Whatever is bogging you down, try to set it aside. Start for a short period of time and build your stamina. Think of this as exercising your gratitude muscle and your ability to spread positive thoughts. Let the quality and happiness of your life take over by focusing on the positive thoughts. Shift your thoughts to blessings over burdens. Think of success over stagnation. Positivity can be contagious. Be grateful and let it spread!

Be blessed and get some well-deserved rest over the Thanksgiving Break. Enjoy your family, friends, food, football, and fun!!!

Bob Quinones
McCartney Ranch

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